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The Scratching Post

Tinker's Mews


I'm well past 18 years of age. If you plan to read any of my posted stories, you should be too. If you are not at least 18, please don't read them. Not all of my stories are for adults only, but a good majority of them are. So, consider this a warning.

alan rickman, albus dumbledore, alyson hannigan, amy acker, angst, animaniacs, anti-censorship, ats, big bang theory, bones mccoy, books, btvs fanfiction, buffy, buffy the vampire slayer, buffy/giles, buffy: the vampire slayer, castle, cats, choral music, coffee, creative writing, criminal minds, dark!fic, darkfic, diagon alley, dragons, dumbledore, dumbledores army, dvds, fanart, fanfiction, fantasy, firefly, fred burkle, fringe, gary oldman, giles, gregory house, half blood prince, harry potter, harry potter 1-5, harry potter books, harry potter fan fiction, harry potter fans, harry potter geeks, harry potter icons, harry potter movies, harry potter stuff, hedwig, hermione granger, hermione/severus, hogsmeade, hogwarts, house m.d., hp books, hp fan fiction, hp fanfiction, hp fans, hp icons, hp movies, illyria, inara serra, j k rowling, james marsters, james t. kirk, jason isaacs, jayne cobb, jensen ackles, johnny depp, joss whedon, joss whedon's firefly, joss whedon's serenity, joyce summers, kaylee, kevin smith, madrigals, mal reynolds, mr. spock, music, mutant enemy, nicholas brendon, no pairing fanfiction, once more with feeling, original fiction, peter bishop, phantom of the opera, physics, professor severus snape, professor snape, professor snape fan fiction, reading, real genius, rick castle, river tam, sarah michelle gellar, science fiction, seth green, severus, severus snape, severus/hermione, simon tam, singing, sirius black, slytherin, snape, snape fan fiction, snape fanart, snape fanfiction, snape fic, snape/granger, ss/hg, star trek, summer glau, sunnydale, sunnydale high school, tea, terry pratchett, the big bang theory, tim burton, time travel, tru calling, vampire slayers, vampires, vulcans, walter bishop, wesley wyndam-pryce, willow/giles, willow/severus, wine, writing


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